hat can bring interactivity and dynamics to your website? What can create new universes on your customers' computer screens?

It's multimedia: new "smart" interfaces; full animation and 3D sound; an outlet that will enable you to show your wildest fantasies and dreams to the world. It's everything! (Excluding the use of the senses of smell and touch, of course: but our engineers are already working on this too :-)

We use the latest in programming technology including DHTML, Java, Macromedia Flash 4-5, Director, Shockwave and more when bringing your dreams to life.

 Flash Projects:
  Cube on ribbon
  Objected Cube v. 01
  Objected Cube v. 02
  Objected Cube v. 03
  Marry Christmas
  Padding Cube
  A/I C&E 2001
  Rotating Cube

  Lotus Solutions (rus)
  Novosoft Zebra
  Novosoft presentation
  MIM benefits
  Mobile Instant Messenger

  Element of design

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